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Nigerians may face deportation

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‘Passports not renewed’

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 6: Hundreds of Nigerian residing in Kuwait and who were unable to renew their passports say they face deportation because they could not renew their work permits, reports Al-Rai daily. Many of the Nigerians say the validity of their passports has expired, while others say it is less than 12 months and as a result they are unable to renew their work permits.

According to the Nigerian newspaper ‘Daily Post’ about 600 Nigerians living in Kuwait have filed a collective complaint with the authorities in Nigeria while at the same time this number is increasing. The sources said the Nigerian embassy in Kuwait stopped renewing passports since the start of the “Corona” pandemic and this problem is affecting even the Nigerians who are on scholarships. A spokesman for the complainants said: “In early July, two Nigerian immigration officers arrived in Kuwait and collected data for those wishing to renew their passports, which were about to expire, and promised to issue new passports within two months.

However, 4 months on, nothing has happened. The Daily Post quoted the consular official at the Nigerian embassy in Kuwait, Muhammad Abdullah, as saying, commenting on these complaints, that the “Corona” pandemic affected all diplomatic missions operating in Kuwait.