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Tuesday , December 11 2018

Next govt should include qualified and efficient ministers: say experts

‘Need to adopt crystal clear strategy to combat graft’


KUWAIT CITY, Nov 6: A number of academicians have agreed that the new government should be strong and capable of carrying out its tasks as quickly as possible, stressing the need to cooperate with the National Assembly especially in matters related to citizens, reports Al-Qabas daily.

They called on the incoming government to fully abide by the Constitution, apply the law on everyone, protect public money, deal with vital issues, develop government services and achieve the aspirations of citizens. Professor Ibrahim Al- Hadban, a faculty member at Kuwait University, stressed that the next government should include ministers who are qualified and efficient in order to improve leadership of ministries.

Al-Hadban said the citizens want the next government to realize their ambitions, to be more transparent with the people, more flexible in dealing with the National Assembly, and extend a hand of cooperation in order to serve the interests of the country and its people.

He added the two authorities should distance themselves from crises and exert more effort to work as a team in ratifying the required legislation and addressing pending issues. Professor Na’ima Taher, also of Kuwait University, disclosed some Gulf countries are developed in many areas and sectors; including infrastructure, development projects and government services.

These countries have remarkable accomplishments in health, education, sports and others and the citizens of Kuwait are hoping this will happen in their country, the professor added. Dr Khidher Al-Baroun pointed out the citizens expect the incoming government to combat all forms of favoritism through the commitment of the ministers keen on issuing laws in the interest of the nation and citizens.

Meanwhile, as the Kuwaiti street anticipates formation of the new government, a number of personalities are hoping that the incoming government will put into consideration the priorities of citizens, reports Al-Qabas daily. Several citizens said the country is in need of real development, indicating that they hear news about projects from the media but they see nothing on the ground. They stressed the need to improve basic services including education, health, housing, etc. They also called for adopting a crystal clear strategy to combat corruption and protect the State’s money.

Jassem Al-Shatti, a citizen, called for launching the underground metro in order to end traffic jams. He also suggested taking firm decisions to reduce the prices of real estate properties which should be made available to ordinary citizens.

Senior legal consultant at Kuwait Oil Company Dr Fadghoush Al-Ajmi said the next government is aware of the needs of citizens – especially those concerning health, housing, employment and education among others.

He hopes the incoming ministers will present clear strategies to solve the problems of citizens at the beginning — before being engaged in office daily routine that draws their attention away from their basic duty. He recommended distributing the relevant bodies to each minister equally; pointing out it is not fair that 20 agencies are under one minister while another one is responsible for just one agency.

Political activist and media figure Dr Turki Al-Azmi said the citizens are looking forward to receive integrated services from the State. He underscored the need to solve the problems in the education and medical sectors, in addition to combating corruption and punishing those involved in corruption.

Strategy expert Dr Faisal Al- Menawer emphasized the importance of setting clear criteria for choosing ministers based on integrity and competence. He is surprised that some have nominated offi cials who previously failed to meet their targets.

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