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Monday , February 6 2023

Next government must fight corruption, foster clean poll

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New PM may rescue Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, July 23: In keeping with the popular mood, veteran political icon and the former National Assembly Speaker Ahmad Al-Saadoun highlighted the features of the upcoming political stage. According to Al-Saadoun, the upcoming political stage should be in line with His Highness the Amir’s speech, the goal of which is not only to salvage Kuwait from its current political stalemate but to also achieve a breakthrough that would restore the country’s glowing position in the Gulf, Arab and global levels, and eliminate the recurring domestic political crises. The highlights of the features of the road map that Al-Saadoun revealed through a televised speech focused on the necessity to “fight the corrupt, and create an atmosphere that is conducive for free and fair elections that would enable people to properly choose their representatives.

Former National Assembly Speaker Ahmad Al-Saadoun

This is the responsibility of the new government, which requires expediting its formation”. Al-Saadoun praised the speech delivered by His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Mishaal Al-Ahmad on behalf of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, stressing that, “The task of the next government is to work on achieving what was mentioned in the speech. The responsibility of the Prime Minister-designate is great, huge, historical, and not difficult at the current moment.” He said, “Contrary to popular belief, the next government will face one of the easiest stages, and Kuwait is facing a historic opportunity.” Al-Saadoun explained that holding fair elections, after the decision to dissolve the parliament, is possible through specific steps that the government can take without referring to any party. Such steps are related to the application of the law, foremost of which is closing the door to “wasta” irrespective of whether it is from an MP or a candidate, canceling the current electoral lists, setting new ones, registering people afresh in their electoral districts as proven currently in the civil information, adopting voting through the civil ID, and registering the unregistered areas in various constituencies. He said, “Those who object to this, regardless of who they are or any party they are affiliated with, are among the corrupt and riggers.”

Al-Saadoun insisted that the elections should be free of fraud, which currently happens through voter transfers, something that can be regarded as “a shameful and sad matter”, and through byelections. He stressed the need to stop the illegal primaries under their various names, and to propose amendments to the law criminalizing it so that it fills the loopholes that lead to judicial acquittals to those who conducted them in the past. Al-Saadoun stated that these amendments must be proposed by the government and include criminalizing these elections whenever they are held, whether they were conducted before the issuance of a decree if it was a general election, or before the issuance of the invitation decision if it was a supplementary election. Regarding the hope that the formation of the government would be swift, Al-Saadoun highlighted the popular delight in the news circulating in the media and on social media about the assignment of Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Al-Sabah, and prior to that, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Nawaf, although the announcement was not official. He said, “This broad popular delight that we have witnessed on social media and also through the meetings that were taking place with others did not come out of nowhere. It is because people appreciate these names, and perhaps also the names of others who are not politically polluted and did not have any relations with the symbols of corruption in Kuwait. People thought that, after the historic speech, the assignment of Sheikh Muhammad Al-Sabah may lead to the rescue of Kuwait from what is going through.

I think this perception is correct. Also, what was circulated about the opinions expressed by Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Al- Sabah – I call them conditions – are deserving opinions or conditions, because the assignment in this period especially after the historical speech places an extraordinary responsibility on the appointee. He has the right to guarantee that he is given ample opportunity, especially since it is small.” The veteran politician added, “I do not agree with those who say his task is only to review and pass the budget. Such an assignment came after the historic speech that included the decision to dissolve the parliament after a certain period of time, which could extend to months.

The Prime Minister-designate bears the responsibility of creating a conducive atmosphere for people to properly choose their representatives so that they do not have an excuse when they make bad choices. Therefore, any action taken within the framework of the constitution and the law will also be justified at that time.” Al-Saadoun stated that, “The days of corrupt parties are numbered, especially after the royal speech. The turn of the elements of corruption is here. After pledging to abide by the constitution, they cannot face the people’s demand for a good choice. They wanted to create an atmosphere in which the current government appears satisfied with discussing the budget and conducting the elections.

But no… I think that the words attributed to the Prime Minister-designate that the budget needs to be reviewed is true, but he is supposed to say that nothing will be done before creating an atmosphere which is conducive for holding the elections.” Al-Saadoun concluded by saying, “We have great hopes for a new phase in Kuwait in which the country will be lifted out of the situation it is currently in and will be placed faster than we expect on the right path. We have all the capabilities, the most important of which is manpower. We have the material capabilities, and we have the ability and desire to reform, but after fighting all the corrupt in the Kuwaiti arena.” By Abdul Rahman Al-Shammari Al-Seyassah Staff

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