Monday , September 24 2018

News about amnesty false: Indian Embassy

KUWAIT CITY, June 4: The Indian Embassy has recently noticed that misleading news about granting of amnesty to residence/visa violators in Kuwait by Ministry of Interior during the Holy month of Ramadan.

As per information available, no such amnesty has been announced by the Kuwaiti authorities to visa/residency violators and news being circulated in the social media is fake. Indian community is advised not to fall prey to such misleading information.

As per our information, there are about 29,000 Indian nationals staying in Kuwait due to visa/residency violations.

The embassy has been seeking assistance of local authorities for their early repatriation by instituting a bilateral mechanism for speedy processing of documents/ completion of formalities and for travel to India. The modalities remain to be finalized. The embassy advises once again to all Indian nationals in Kuwait to abide by the laws and regulations of the land with regard to legal stay

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