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‘New law banning bikers hurts home-delivery business badly’

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Many small restaurants face closure threat

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 9: The recent decision to ban motorcycle home delivery from plying on highways, motorways, ring roads and main roads has thrown the home delivery service, particularly the food delivery service in turmoil, reports Al-Qabas daily. Although the delivery companies have opted to change their pattern of work to fall in line with the new situation, reports show the delivery companies and the restaurant sector suffers to a great extent. The delivery companies’ sources told the daily it will take a long time for them to adapt to the decision. One of the company representatives said the situation is not easy as it appears because it is very difficult to get driving licenses for their employees because of the tough rules and regulations of the General Traffic Department.

The sources pointed out the delivery companies have thousands of restaurants registered with them and suddenly they feel they are unable to satisfy customers. On the other hand, the sources said the issue of security and safety is one of the things that delivery companies care about and focus on while at the same time saying the use of motorcycle is the fastest means to reach the customer in the world of delivery service. However, in spite of the ban on ‘service’ motorcycles road accidents will continue to occur at their normal rate. The sources pointed out that small restaurants with one branch are considered the most affected by the decision, because they depend in their work on delivery to various regions of the country, and therefore this may lead to their closure.

The sources suggested that motorcyclists be allowed to ride in a specific lane, for example in the right lane only in specified main roads. Following are the repercussions of the decision – motorcyclists will lose their jobs, increased congestion on the roads as people in their cars will be out on the roads to buy their own meals and this will lead to congestion on the roads, increase the burden of delivery companies and their work team, and redrawing the map of roads and networks for delivery operations, closure of many small restaurants that do not have branches, the inability to meet the demands of the local market in a short time.

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