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New healthcare fees to begin October 1st – Visitors to pay double

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 1: Minister of Health Dr Jamal Al-Harbi disclosed the implementation of new fees for healthcare will begin Oct 1. He added visitors to the country will pay double the fees, which most likely will exceed 100 percent for certain services. However, expatriate residents will pay less than the sum charged for health services in other countries across the world.

Dr Al-Harbi noted the ministry did not approve of extra charges for health insurance for expatriates, which is between KD30 and KD50. He added the list of new fees for visitors and residents will be circulated to various hospitals and health centers within hours, although actual implementation will begin October.

He explained the technical committees that fixed the fees made important recommendations to exempt certain cases on humanitarian and social bases.

The decision exempted children of expatriate residents below 12 years old living with cancer and expatriate wives of Kuwaitis. The exemption also covers non-Kuwaiti mother of Kuwaitis, and male and female children of Kuwaitis married to none Kuwaitis. Others are inmates at the shelter, social welfare home and prisons, in addition to the citizens of GCC countries, Bedouns, members of official delegations, passengers on transit, scholarship students at the Ministry of Education, and the blind.

Ministry of Health employees, their wives and children are also exempted from fees covering X-ray and nuclear medicine at the public hospitals and health centers. He noted non-Kuwaiti handicaps will be treated equally as their Kuwaiti counterparts in terms of artificial limbs.

Talking about reshuffling, the minister declared large scale reshuffling of 80-90 percent will happen in many sectors. He stated judicial verdicts in favor of some regional health directors will be executed paving the way for minor reshuffling among the directors of central administrations. He emphasized reshuffling will also affect several heads of primary health centers, heads of health centers, hospital directors and their deputies, supervisors and chief nurses.

BEIRUT: A prominent Saudi activist who was jailed after leaving her male guardians has been freed following more than 100 days in detention, rights campaigners confirmed on Monday, with some praising her efforts to end the “enslaving” of Saudi women.

They said the release of Maryam al-Otaibi would give hope to others fighting to end Saudi Arabia’s guardianship rules which require women to seek male permission for many activities.

A woman’s guardian can prevent her traveling, marrying, studying and working, and can veto medical procedures. (RTRS)

CAIRO: An Egyptian criminal court on Monday gave different prison sentences, varying from 10 to 15 years, to 133 members of Muslim Brotherhoods on several charges, while acquitting 18 others.

The Zagazig criminal court sentenced 59 defendants to 10 years in jail on charges of inciting violence against the state’s institutions, and terrifying citizens.

Some 46 defendants got 15-year jail sentences for gathering, and possessing explosives and leaflets calling for violence against state’s institutions, including the armed forces and the police, as well as acquitted 18 others.

Other defendants were sentenced to 10 years in jail on charges of violence and resisting authorities. (KUNA)

CAIRO: Egypt’s armed forces have killed a “takfiri” militant (an Islamist accusing other fellow Muslims of blasphemy), and arrested two others during military operations in central Sinai.

The forces also destroyed two motorcycles and a four-wheel-drive vehicle belonging to the militants, the army said in a statement on Monday.

It affirmed that the forces would continue making efforts to achieve all duties aiming to cleanse all terrorist cells in central Sinai. (KUNA)

TEHRAN, Iran: Iran has complained to the UN Security Council over the latest US sanctions imposed on Tehran.

The semi-official Tasnim news agency says Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani announced the complaint on Tuesday, though it’s unclear what Iran expects the United Nations would do.

The move came after the US Senate approved sanctions on Friday against Iran for launching a satellite-carrying rocket into space. (AP)

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has extended by two months the house arrest of Hafiz Saeed, accused by the United States of masterminding 2008 attacks on the Indian financial capital of Mumbai that killed 166 people, a government document reviewed by Reuters showed.

Saeed was put under house arrest in January after years of living freely in Pakistan, one of the sore points in the country’s fraying relationship with the United States. His freedom had also infuriated Pakistan’s arch-foe, India. (RTRS)

By Marwa Al-Bahrawi

Al-Seyassah Staff


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