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Neglecting back pain could have untoward consequences: Dr Hajji

Dr Al-Hajji

KUWAIT CITY, July 16: Interventional Radiology Consultant Dr Waleed Al-Hajji has warned against neglecting back pain as it could have undesirable consequences, stressing the need for those experiencing back pain to quickly visit a hospital for early detection of the causes in order to ensure easy treatment, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Dr Al-Hajji said lackluster attitude towards the treatment of disc problems in the spinal cord will lead to serious medical issues and complications, and a major surgical intervention may be required if the injury increases. He indicated that negligence in this case may lead to weakness in sexual performance of men, and pressure on the nerves due to the back pain.

Dr Al-Hajji expressed shock at the increasing rate of disc, back and neck pains among the youth, which was rare in the past among the young people. He attributed the problem to low level of sporting activities or wrong manner of practicing them, especially since some youth rush to build muscles in their bodies, adding that many young people consume unhealthy and fast food, and have low activity levels nowadays.

He explained that elderly people are most affected by disc, back and neck pains, followed by people under the age of 30. Teenagers less than 16 years are the least affected and those under 20 years of age are rarely treated for the case.

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