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Do I need to submit resignation? Want to go back to my country for good

Just want to seek advice on my plan of going back to my country for good after my 4 years of working here in Kuwait. Do I need to submit a resignation letter or end of contract letter? I started to work in my company as a machine operator in March, 2013 and my 4 years will be completed in March, 2017. I came from the Philippines. Do I need to ask the company for my indemnity and other benefits?

Name withheld

Answer: Yes, you need to give a 3-month resignation notice to the company even if you are leaving the country for good. And as you will have put in over three years, but less than five years, service you will entitled to only half the indemnity as you will be resigning from your job. You will also be entitled to payment for any balance of annual leave plus any other benefit mentioned in your contract.

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