NCM holds seminar entitled, ‘How to become a successful investor’ – Bloomberg analyst Atesan enriched seminar with his insights and expertise

Hadhoud, Arafat, Atesan and Hanna in a panel discussion.

KUWAIT CITY, May 21: An interesting seminar was held by Noor Capital Markets about “How to become a successful investor” in which they tackled vital subjects. The main speaker, Omar Atesan is a well-known Bloomberg analyst with a long history in portfolios’ management and international markets.

Atesan introduced a proficient analysis for the global economics platforms, the factors influencing the markets and the markets psychology.

“We explored interesting topics today about the successful approaches of investment, the sound mentality of market analysis and actions of the markets so that the investors can acquire the know-how of market analysis. It is vital to create a logical mindset to people who invest in the same domain, thus they’ll be able to define the factors of success and fruitful investment components,” Atesan stated.

“Out of trends of investments, the international markets contribute with the biggest markets’ shares globally. To invest smartly and generate better profits is our main endeavors for investors and potential investors,” Dr Yousef Hadhoud, panel discussion member said.

“Basing on of the attendees questions, our elaborations came to explain the basic applications and products of the online trading business such as oil, gold and currencies and smart approaching to them,” Haitham Arafat panel discussion member comments.

“ The seminar achieved a lot of its objectives and that was notable in the positive discussions.  We are going to conduct tailored seminars for beginners, also customized ones for women,” Nada Sulaiman, Asst Manager, Business development concluded.

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