Tuesday , October 23 2018

NBK launches specialized employee training program in ‘Trade Finance’ – In cooperation with int’l educational institution

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 25: National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) launched its specialized employee training program in Trade Finance in cooperation with one of the leading international training institutions. The program aims at developing employees’ skills in trade finance and providing them with the required expertise in that domain.

The program consists of 37 participants who undergo extensive training for 6 months to cover various topics including: fundamentals of trade finance, collection, letters of credit, letters of guarantee, standby credit, structuring trade products, compliance in letters of credit and guarantees, in addition to other aspects and details related to trade finance operations as well as other technical and professional tools.

The trainees were welcomed by NBK’s executives led by Salah Al Fulaij, NBK Chief Executive Officer, Emad Al-Ablani, General Manager-Group Human Resources and Pradeep Handa, General Manager, Foreign Corporate Oil and Trade Finance Group.

Commenting on this occasion Emad Al-Ablani, General Manager-Group Human Resources said: “Through the Trade Finance Program — the first of its kind in the banking sector in Kuwait — NBK aims to develop its Trade Finance Department employees’ skills and keep them updated with the latest international professional techniques and methods in that field”.

Al-Ablani added that the Training and Development Department in cooperation with an international training organization, tailored the program specifically to meet NBK’s needs and requirements. The program focuses on the importance of premium banking services, as NBK provides these various services sectors across the country, such as: imports, construction, infrastructure, among others, implying the need for qualified staff equipped with the highest levels of professionalism and efficiency.

Prior to joining the training program, all participants went through an assessment process, covering all modules, and then they get assessed once again after the completion. At the end of the program, all participants will undergo a final examination. Meanwhile, this unique program will be offered by highly qualified trainers with extensive expertise in trade finance.

NBK continuously strives to support and empower its employees by providing training and development programs designed according to the latest methodologies and scientific standards ranging from training and development to the preparation of specialized professional staff.

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