Friday , September 21 2018

NBK continues ‘I Dream to Be’ initiative – Maher’s dream to become an engineer comes true

Maher posing with project engineers at the construction site of new NBK Head Quarters
Maher posing with project engineers at the construction site of new NBK Head Quarters

KUWAIT CITY, May 19: National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) continues its ‘I Dream to Be’ initiative, a first-of-a-kind initiative that aims at granting wishes for children with severe illnesses and special needs around Kuwait, giving them the chance to live their dreams. Maher Al Nabris, 9 years — old boy who is undergoing treatment at Amiri Hospital, has always dreamt to become an engineer. NBK’s family organized a visit for Maher to the construction area of NBK’s new Head Quarters, where he was given his own engineering outfi t. Representatives of the NBK’s construction project with a group of engineers, alongside with Maher and NBK team had a tour in the new building and discovered all the engineering tasks and many other technical responsibilities.

“Maher’s dream to become an engineer is yet another wish granted through NBK’s initiative ‘I dream to be’. We are proud to be a part of the children’s dreams and expand our support to them as much as possible,” said Joanne Al Abdul Jaleel, NBK Public Relations Offi cer. ‘I Dream to Be’ initiative is a lifetime experience for children not only with lifethreatening conditions but children with special needs as well,” she added. “This initiative is a great way to spread joy and show that there’s always a positive side to a diffi cult situation. We ask children what they want to be and try to fulfi ll that for them.”

NBK gives top priority to children through its commitment to corporate social responsibility. NBK works closely with the Kuwait Association for the Care of Children in Hospitals (KACCH), Bayt Abdullah for the Care of Children in Hospice (BACCH) and several other special needs organizations to maximize its reach to all the children in numerous hospitals and schools. NBK has been at the forefront of supporting Kuwait’s community through a range of initiatives towards education, health, sports and social responsibilities. The establishment of NBK’s Children Hospital for Oncology and Hematology at Al Sabah Medical Area stands as one of many ongoing corporate social initiatives towards health and children. ‘I Dream to Be’ aims at focusing and supporting NBK’s efforts towards children and addressing their needs as much as possible

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