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‘Nazaha’ receives 32,490 financial disclosure statements by Feb end

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Bid to prevent corruption, protect funds

KUWAIT CITY, March 14: The Public Authority for Anti-Corruption “Nazaha” confirmed that 32,490 financial disclosure statements were received until the end of last February or a total of 99.5 percent, reports Al-Rai daily. Among the declarations received by Nazaha include 16,960 first acknowledgments for assuming the job capacity covered by the provisions of financial disclosures law, while the Authority received 10,418 updates for the declarations that were made 3 years ago, and 5,112 final approvals for the demise of the job capacity covered by the provisions for financial disclosures.

The observer at the authority Abdulaziz Abdul Mohsen Al- Othman told the daily, that the importance of approving financial disclosure plays an essential role in preventing financial corruption, protecting public money, and strengthening control over everyone who assumes a public job, in addition to immunizing the public employee and establishing the principle of transparency and integrity in state agencies.

The authority continues to carry out its work by receiving financial disclosure statements and receiving those covered by the provisions of financial disclosure law, ”pointing out its keenness to coordinate and continuously cooperate with the authorities affiliated with those involved to urge them to submit their statements in accordance with the legal deadlines.

While Al-Othman urged the approving parties to “inquire about the start of their legal deadlines for submitting the financial disclosure statement via the Sahel platform, in order to avoid delays in submitting their declaration,” he stressed the need to print and fill out the declaration forms before coming to the authority’s headquarters to submit the financial disclosure declaration, as all required forms are available on the official website of the Public Anti-Corruption Authority “Nazaha” (www.nazaha.gov.kw)

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