National Assembly integral part of development

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 22, (KUNA): With legislative and inspective powers, the National Assembly has been an inextricable part of the country’s sustained development plans, contributing to economic, social and environmental affairs as part of a vision of broad reforms.

On the legislative front, the National Assembly works to bring all development plans to fruition by eliminating any impediments to these projects, particularly, providing a budget allocated to finance such lofty endeavors that aim to transform Kuwait into a global financial and economic hub. Speaking to KUNA on Tuesday, former Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr Amani Bouresli said the National Assembly’s contributions to national development was most notable when it provided legislative support to a development plan forged in 2009, pressing the government to expedite the completion of all projects included in that plan.

Moreover, she noted that without crucial legislative support, it would be diffi cult for the country to attain sustained development, adding that less developed nations are usually mired in political and economic upheaval, which explains their lack of growth. On the status quo, Bouresli underscored that the national economy is a crucial juncture where genuine economic reforms are needed, as she pointed out that the nation’s revenue pool should be diversifi ed due to plummeting oil prices.

Meanwhile, former Director General of the Central Administration of Statistics Dr Abdullah Sahar said that the National Assembly, through legislative and inspective efforts, is an integral component of the country’s development process, adding that it also oversees progress made on projects launched by the government.

On the National Assembly’s contributions, Sahar said it presses the government to hasten the completion of stalled development projects, urging all bodies involved to collaborate in efforts to achieve sustained development.

Furthermore, on the private sector’s contributions towards national development, he noted that it promotes a spirit of competitiveness through increased efficiency, adding that the private sector also works to enhance the capabilities of the national workforce, while providing an environment conducive to growth and development. Sahar also highlighted that development encompasses various dimensions, which include demographics, job opportunities, education, healthcare and other factors.

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