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Wednesday , December 8 2021

Names on diploma cheats must await finding of guilt

MP Osama Al- Shaheen

KUWAIT CITY, July 25: MP Osama Al- Shaheen asserted that the fraudulent credentials issue would not have happened if not for the negligence and poor management of governmental bodies, in addition to the weak performance of the former National Assembly. After a number of successful dialogues between the ministries of Higher Education and Interior and the Civil Service Commission, it seems there are four aspects of the issue –

(1) forged credentials, (2) credentials acquired from bogus institutions or websites, (3) use of diplomas unaccredited by the Kuwaiti educational system to secure jobs in the government sector, and (4) unlawfully acquired credentials, Al-Shaheen revealed.

Elaborating on the fourth aspect of the issue, the MP pointed out some individuals acquired genuine credentials but they broke the law whilst doing so, because they were not granted study leaves and were registered as employed in the government.

Therefore, they were receiving salaries and other benefits without working, he stressed. He went on to say that contrary to popular belief, the fraudulent certificates were obtained not only from Egypt, but also from Europe and the United States. He asserted the current Assembly and the government have a big responsibility on their shoulders as they need to solve this issue and refrain from passing it on to their successors. He then called for intensified inspection procedures and implementation of rigid accreditation system.

On the parliamentary calls to disclose the names of those suspected of holding fraudulent credentials, Al-Shaheen believes this should be done only if they are proven guilty by the court. Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Hamed Al-Azmi corroborated the statement of the lawmaker, indicating the decision to disclose such names is now in the hands of the Public Prosecution such that this step is taken only once the suspects are proven guilty.

Al-Azmi made the statement after his meeting with the parliamentary Educational Affairs Committee. He affirmed the ministry remains committed to its decision to assess credentials and refer anyone suspected of involvement in the fake credentials issue to the prosecution.

He also commended the efforts exerted by the concerned parliamentary committees, which have submitted a comprehensive report on measures taken in the past four months

By Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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