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Monday , November 19 2018

‘Mysterious’ kitchen language – Good-old Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 1, (KUNA): Al-Barmeez, Al-Marrka, and Al- Baiz might sound like foreign words to many of the newer generations of Kuwaitis; however, these words were used to describe several kitchen utensils and tools back in the day.

In their book “the old Kuwaiti house”, authors Mohammad Al-Khrs and Mariam Al-Agrouga made an effort to explain these “mysterious” words. Al-Barmeez referred to threelegged kerosene stoves usually made of copper, said the authors, adding that food was cooked on a metal net atop of Al-Barmeez.

The authors added that Al-Marrka, a three-legged apparatus, was also used in Kuwaiti kitchens to heat up large pots and other objects using firewood.

Meanwhile, Al-Baiz was a type of square cloth made of cotton or other materials to protect the hands from being burned, they said.

The authors went on to describe various tools and objects used in oldfashioned kitchens, stating that even though these tools might be referred to by different names nowadays, still some Kuwaitis made it their mission to keep using these words for the sake of future generations.

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