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Municipality workers found tampering or sorting out garbage will be fined KD 100

‘No waste trucks must be parked in residential areas’

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 12: Deputy Director General of Capital and Jahra municipalities Engineer Faisal Jumah says there are penalties for cleaning companies that commit violations, such as a fine of KD100 was specified when workers are caught tampering with or sorting waste, reports Al-Anba daily.

In response to a question submitted by a Municipal Council member Engineer Abdul-Salam Al-Randi regarding waste sorting in garbage trucks, Engineer Al-Jumah said, “It is not allowed for the cleaners to sort the waste either in the garbage truck or any other places. In case the workers are caught sorting through the garbage and waste, legal measures will be taken.

Also, the garbage is transported from residential locations to the waste reclamation site only, according to what is contained in the Contract’s Chapter 6 on General Contractor Obligations, Article 2, and Item 3, which stipulates, “The contractor is obliged not to allow his workers to tamper with and sort the garbage for things of value. And they also should not upload any waste sorted by the workers from any vehicle, machine and equipment with the intention of benefitting from them except within the limits authorized by the contract”.”

He affirmed that there are parking spaces for the vehicles, as stipulated in the beginning of the contract. Al-Jumah went on to explain that every company will deliver at a site to monitor the equipment and engines for each contract. It should be outside the housing areas.

It is not permitted to park the equipment inside the regions after the end of their work, as stated in the contract’s chapter 7, article 5, and item 1, which stipulates, “The contractor is obliged not to leave his engines, vehicles and equipment in the streets and squares after the end of the daily work”.

He stressed that no cleaning workers work after the end of the official working hours, but there are places where the workers should be present throughout the day or in two shifts – morning and evening – as stated in the Contract’s Chapter 3 on Sweeping, Article 2, and Item 7, which stipulates, “The contractor is obligated to continue manual sweeping work in commercial and public market areas.”

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