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Thursday , April 25 2019

MPs seeking changes to some clauses of social insurance law

New legislation to allow families to choose between 2 kinds of support

Shuaib Al-Muwaizri

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 24, (Agencies): A number of MPs are on the verge of presenting a request to the National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim to prioritize the report No. 15 of the financial committee for amending some clauses in the Amiri decree of law No. 61/1976 concerning the social insurance law, especially the clauses related to retirement age, reports Al-Anba daily quoting a parliamentary source.

He said the aforementioned law represents a solution to many issues including unemployment, affirming that it will put an end to accumulation of employees in state institutions and will give way for youths to take up responsibility in different ministries. Meanwhile, a source close to MP Faraj Al-Arbid, who announced his intention to grill the Minister of Health Dr Jamal Al-Harbi, said the grilling includes a number of focal points such as the medical errors, administrative violations in the appointments and reshuffling processes, and neglect shown to Kuwaiti patients both inside and outside Kuwait.

He added that the grilling will also focus on the violations to the regulations of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) and non-enforcement of judicial verdicts. The source said MP Shuaib Al-Muwaizri is expected to join MP Al-Arbid in the grilling.

Meanwhile, several MPs are preparing new legislation that will allow Kuwaiti families to choose between two kinds of support, reports Annahar daily. The first is money in cash determined according to the income and size of the family, while the second is the current system of subsidized foodstuffs. A source said the first option coincides with the change in family interests and lifestyle and gives families and individuals the freedom to spend on subsidized services and commodities in quantity and quality.

This will also help prevent the wastage of subsidized foodstuffs. The source said the new legislation will have impact on enhancing the market competitiveness and developing the services of business sectors related to food, health, education and housing. The source pointed out according to the proposal money will be disbursed on a monthly basis, quarterly or every six months, especially since some families pay attention to health, education, housing or food costs. The source added, some families suffer from huge expenditure on education or emergent health conditions.

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