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Tuesday , December 6 2022

‘MPs play crucial role in sending patients abroad’ – Lack of justice: Audit Bureau

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 1: A report issued by the Audit Bureau shows unprecedented intervention by the Members of Parliament and infl uential people to send people abroad for medical treatment, reports Al-Shahed daily. According to the report 6,456 persons were sent for medical treatment overseas after the intervention of some MPs and infl uential people between January 2014 and January 2015.

The Audit Bureau added according to the Ministry of Health patients were dispatched for medical treatment overseas and that this decision is based purely on medical and technical grounds subject to assessment by specialist doctors. The ministry also denied the talk about intervention of MPs in those decisions and recommendations saying ‘this talk is incorrect’.

The Bureau responded saying the statement of the Ministry of Health is erroneous and does not tally with many cases which were rejected by the medical committees. These cases were submitted several times until they were accepted after the intervention of MPs and/or other infl uential people. The Bureau revealed some cases which were rejected by the medical committees because they did not meet the conditions were approved directly by the Minister of Health or his Undersecretary, which confi rms the lack of justice in terms of equal opportunities.

Meanwhile, an offi cial source at the Kuwait Municipality says initial inventory of cash stolen from the municipal revenues based on available cash receipts show the money stolen by far exceed KD 4.5 million out of which 492,000 from the Capital governorate branch of the Municipality, reports Al- Rai daily. The source pointed out preliminary investigation into the scandal revealed by the daily showed manipulation in the cash revenues in the municipality involving retired offi cials and expatriate employees of the Municipality who have left Kuwait.

The daily added, a committee formed by the Minister of State for Municipal Affairs and Minister of Communications Issa Al-Kandari is working to end the investigation of this fi nancial disaster, especially since the legal department in the Municipality has summoned some employees for interrogation about the incident.

The source added, “Initial reports indicate the money was deliberately collected in cash instead of accepting the K-net to help the suspects steal the cash. However, the source added, it is surprising the Municipality did not make cash inventory on a monthly basis for more than 4 consecutive years.

The source said Al-Kandari has given Deputy General Manager of the Financial and Administrative Sector in the Municipality Engineer Waleed Jassem powers to any fi nancial or administrative suspicion to the Legal Department of the Municipality or the Public Prosecutor.

In another development, the Ministry of Health has formed a committee to investigate how a Kuwaiti impersonated a doctor and gave instructions in the casualty department of the Amiri Hospital, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting ministry sources. According to the daily the results of investigations shall be sent immediately to the Minister of Health Dr Ali Al-Obeidi and his Undersecretary Dr Khalid Al-Sahlawi, reports Al-Qabas daily. The daily added, what was shocking and most surprising is the impersonator, accompanied by doctors and nurses examined the patients.

However, the daily quoting hospital sources has denied the impersonator conducted any surgeries. The sources stressed, the ministry will take legal action against any employee of the hospital if he/she is found guilty of involvement. The investigations are expected to be completed within a few days and the issue referred to the Public Prosecution. The sources did not rule out sacking some offi cials and doctors.

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