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MPs letter 8 agencies on expat hires – Who … why?

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 1: The Employment and Replacement Committee of the National Assembly has begun its work by sending letters to eight government agencies asking for the number of expatriates employed, the nature of their work, the mechanism that was adopted while appointing them, the terms and conditions of the contract, reports Al-Rai daily.

These government institutions are also requested to submit a detailed study on the need of these expatriates and in depth report about what will happen if the contracts of these expatriates are terminated, especially those who work in jobs that can easily be done by Kuwaitis.

The committee, which is chaired by Khalil Al-Saleh, has also demanded a report on periodic review. Al-Saleh pointed some government institutions have responded but did not mention the number of expatriate staff mainly because some of them are hired on temporary ‘demand and supply’ basis. Al-Saleh disclosed, a new mechanism will be introduced soon to employ Kuwaitis in place of expatriates, especially in jobs which can be filled by Kuwaitis.

However, he has stressed the committee is determined to see “jobs which can be done by Kuwaitis will not go to others.” “Some of the government institutions which received a note from the committee include the Ministry of Oil, the Civil Service Commission and some sectors in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, in addition to the Supreme Council for Planning,” Al-Saleh said.

The committee will focus on numbers, documents and contracts, and the parties will be given two weeks to rectify the situations because the replacement policy must be a reality and not ink on paper, Al-Saleh added.

Al-Saleh explained employment is a national issue, a public benefit and a parliamentary demand and the continued recruitment of expatriates with astronomical wages will not continue at the expense of Kuwaitis. Al-Saleh added, according to available figures there is an increase in the employment of expatriates in the government sector and warned the concerned authorities not to continue this trend because the Employment Committee is all geared up to monitor the situation.

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