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MP Zalzalah says he prefers Parliament work over govt job

Yusuf Zalzalah
Yusuf Zalzalah

KUWAIT CITY, June 24: Chairman of the Parliamentary Priorities Committee MP Yusuf Zalzalah said he prefers the Parliament work over the government job thus denying the notion that he is eyeing a ministerial position. In a press statement, he said, the government work is restricted team work and even then he said several projects remain incomplete. He is of the view that there is lack of coordination among ministers.

He feels the need for an agency within the Council of Ministers to assist ministers to coordinate and work in harmony with each other to help complete the projects and remove obstacles, if any, or the challenges facing them. He pointed out the current government does not work as a team when it comes to implementing its work or the government strategy towards development.

For example, he cited the report of Minister of Planning Hind Al-Sabeeh in which she has stated there is serious disharmony and lack of cooperation among government institutions when it comes to implementing development projects.

He said: “I’m not satisfied with this government. We must go for a Cabinet reshuffle to include a large number of ministerial portfolios. This does not mean there are no ministers who accept the challenges, who are distinctive and their achievements are visible.”

On another issue, Rapporteur of the Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee of the National Assembly Ahmed Al-Qudaibi disclosed the committee has completed the judicial independence law and referred it to the Parliament for approval. He added there are articles, in the law, which are still opposed by the Minister of Justice Yaqoub Al-Sane but this will be resolved at the next meeting.

Meanwhile, the government has for the second time asked the Finance and Economic Affairs Committee of the National Assembly to postpone the discussion of student portfolio amendment bill. The parliamentary sources indicated the government has not yet completed its memo on the law in spite of the fact that it was invited to attend the finance committee meeting.

The sources noted the government has not completed its report on financial cost, the consequences of the law, especially under financial deficit and rationalization of expenditure in all state ministries.

The sources expect the Parliament not to discuss or pass the bill during the current legislative session for fear the government will reject and returned it to the Parliament once again, which means it will wait until the next session.

The sources stressed the Economic and the Financial Affairs Committee will pass the bill with a clear majority, regardless of the government’s logical justification to turn it down given the fact that the State has provided many seats for Kuwaitis in the external and internal scholarships that could attract graduates and since other government agencies such as the Civil Service Commission (CSC) has sent many staff to complete their studies.

By Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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