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MP warns forgery corrupts society

MP Riyadh Al-Adsani

KUWAIT CITY, July 23: MP Riyadh Al-Adsani has urged the government to hold accountable all officials involved in the fake certificates scandal, as well as beneficiaries of the scandal who took the rights of those who are more qualified than them.

Al-Adsani warned that the scandal could destroy the entire society, stressing forgery is an aspect of cheating and fraud — the characteristics of hypocrites. He thanked all members of the Parliament as their efforts paid off in terms of deterrent procedures or informing the authorities about the issue in the interest of the public.

He affirmed those who forged certificates are very few and their action should not be generalized to be that of everybody, because numerous other citizens always work for the good of the society with passion. He pointed out it is disheartening to see a person who obtained a doctorate degree from a foreign country even if he does not speak the language of the country where he supposedly studied and refuses to attach the title ‘doctor’ to his name knowing his certificate is fake.

He added there are other types of forgery which many people are trying to turn into a norm such as purchase of conscience, forging people’s will, medical tourism, feigning disability and fake citizenship. He said forgery entails taking the rights of deserving persons to housing, education and treatment.

This is in addition to offering aid to those who do not deserve it and issuing driving licenses wrongly for financial gain. These are various ways of misappropriating public funds, the lawmaker asserted while confirming that many such cases have been referred to the Public Prosecution.

He disclosed there are official documents proving forgery operations were carried out for personal gains — to influence appointments and promotions in a manner which resulted in frustration and destruction of competencies up to the extent of spreading corruption.

He also demanded for thorough investigation into the method of distributing farm and industrial plots, suspicious tenders which were awarded erroneously, and bogus real estate companies involved in real estate fraud.

He appealed to the government to shun the use of influence by lawmakers or any other person. He asserted, “Any minister who accepts influence or political employment to retain his seat is an accomplice in corruption. Priority should be given to competency in the recruitment process rather than giving preference to children of officials as the practice in the ministries of oil and foreign affairs.”

By Lukman Badru Arab Times Staff

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