Wednesday , January 16 2019

MP wants three former ministers out of Cabinet – Al-Otaibi unveils plan to petition PM on issue

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 11: MP Khalid Al-Otaibi has unveiled his plan to present to HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah the names of three former ministers who should not return to the government due to failure to perform their duties. He will also demand for reappointment of five former ministers who carried their duties perfectly and their return to the government will be considered a positive message to the people. He pointed out, “We announced our position in the past and rejected the return of a group of former ministers to the new ministerial team. I will reiterate our position in the upcoming meeting. We stand firm in rejecting the reappointment of those who failed to perform their duties.”

He explained their position is based on the violations uncovered by the State Audit Bureau which strongly disapproved the performance of those former ministers, in addition to their uncooperative attitude and refusal to respond to parliamentary questions.

Meanwhile, MP Al-Humaidi Al- Subaie said the resignation of Director General of the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) Dr Ahmed Al-Athari was one of his demands when he followed up the reform file in the authority. He disclosed his demands included the appointment of a new director and to address admission and registration irregularities that negatively affected a large number of students.

He pointed out that this was clear in the previous period when acting Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Mohammed Al-Fares warned about the insurmountable reform situation in the authority. He said this has prompted Al-Fares to cooperate with lawmakers, especially when he realized the truth through the documents which the lawmakers warned him about. He hopes the acting minister will continue implementing reforms in the authority in case he is reappointed. He called on all incoming ministers to cooperate with the MPs in reforming institutions under their control in the event the MPs present proof on the alleged violations.

On another issue, MP Khalid Al- Shatti asked his colleagues to stop submitting interpellation requests aimed at settling personal scores or to serve certain internal and external interests. He supports the idea of intensifying oversight and regulating interpellation, considering the current situation in the region.

He stressed that the oversight and legislative roles of MPs should be within the framework of the Constitution. “In terms of interpellation, I think this should be practiced by statesmen who should take into consideration the regional situation, but this does not mean ignoring interpellation.

If the aim is to settle scores between certain individuals or personalities, influential people and political blocs; then it must be stopped,” he clarified. He added he is not against oversight but the reality is that a lot of interpellation motions are aimed at settling scores and implementation of internal and external agendas. This necessitates the presence of statesmen who should help HH the Prime Minister handle internal and external files, he concluded.

By Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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