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Thursday , September 23 2021

MP vows follow-up on deposit scandal

MP Riyadh Al-Adsani

KUWAIT CITY, April 5: MP Riyadh Al- Adsani promised to follow up the multimillion deposit scandal, especially since the bank accounts of 13 members of the 2009 Parliament swelled due to this issue.

Speaking to the press Thursday, Al-Adsani disclosed that on Feb 15, 2017 he announced the names of those involved in the scandal and the amount they received. He stressed the need to amend the Penal Code and Anti-Money Laundering Law, as well as pass the Conflict of Interest Bill, to address the multi-million deposit issue. He disclosed the account of an incumbent MP swelled and he told a certain minister about this, affirming the minister took action against the MP.

He added, “Whoever fights against corruption must deal with all aspects of the issue.” He went on to say, “We will amend the Penal Code and Anti-Money Laundering Law. Now that the Conflict of Interest Bill has been ratified, the multi-million deposit case must be submitted to the Public Prosecution again.” He revealed more than 20 MPs were briefed on the information he got about the multi-million deposit scandal and they signed the parliamentary request to re-submit the case to the Public Prosecution based on this information.

He added he will grill the prime minister or the concerned minister in case the government fails to address the issue. Meanwhile, the Economic and Financial Affairs Committee on Thursday listened to the opinion of the company tasked to study the early retirement proposal.

In a press statement, the committee said the company believes the reduction of retirement age will not affect the Public Institution for Social Security (PIFSS). The committee has yet to finalize its decision on the early retirement proposal, which it intends to discuss further with representatives of the Finance Ministry and PIFSS on Sunday. In another development, MP Nasser Al-Dosari has warned against the privatization of any sector in the State Ministry for Services, especially the Postal Sector. He then unveiled his plan to forward questions to State Minister for Services Affairs Jinan Bushehri about the government’s privatization policy.


By Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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