MP urges govt to sack inept officials

KUWAIT CITY, May 31: The Parliamentary Priorities Committee, in its meeting on Tuesday, finalized the agenda of the session slated for June 7, 2016. Committee Rapporteur MP Ahmad Lari enumerated items in the agenda of the June 7 session as follows:

■ Second deliberation on the Pharmacy Profession and Medicines Trading Draft Law

■ Second deliberation on the proposed amendment of Kuwait Municipality Law

■ Report of the Health, Social Affairs and Labor Committee on work in the private sector

■ Report of the Finance and Economic Affairs Committee on public tenders

■ Report of the Legislative Committee on the National Assembly’s Rules of Procedure

■ Report of the same committee on the Criminal Procedures and Prosecution Law

■ Third report of the Interior and Defense Committee, as a matter of urgency, about bills on the police force

■ Second report of the same committee on the amendment of the Prisons Law Lari also confirmed that the committee discussed with the Ministry of Higher Education, represented by Secretary General for Private Universities Dr Habib Aboul, the plan of private universities including four projects that have yet to be completed — link the outputs of private universities with the actual manpower need of the local labor market, support research in scientific fields, improve the quality of education in private universities and benefit from training.

He said the committee is keen on determining reasons behind the budget cut for these projects which reached only 10 percent. He affirmed that they asked the Finance Ministry to prepare a report in this regard, especially since the budget cut made it difficult for the universities to implement such vital projects. He also stressed that talks on the issue will be delayed until the committee receives the ministry’s report.

In another development, MP Yusef Al-Zalzalah has asked the government to dismiss officials proven to have failed to do their part in implementing the government’s development plan. He said Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and State Minister for Planning Hind Al-Subaih has a full report about these officials.

He added the government has not taken any step regarding the Judicial Law, hoping the minister of justice will submit bills in this regard to the concerned committees soon. On another issue, MP Mohammad Tana Al-Anazi urged Health Minister Ali Al-Obeidi to form a commission of inquiry to look into the suffering of citizens due to the action of the administrator in Kuwait’s health office in Germany.

He disclosed the administrator told the citizens undergoing treatment in Germany that the financial allocations have been suspended and anyone who wants to receive financial support should wait until further notice, otherwise, they should return to Kuwait.

He hopes the minister investigates the matter immediately and inform the MPs through a detailed report on the issue. The lawmaker said he received a joint letter from 25 Kuwaitis undergoing treatment in Germany informing him about the suspension of the financial allocation.

By Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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