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Wednesday , November 13 2019

MP urges his colleagues to support initiative on Cabinet

Al-Damkhi says surprised at reactions to suggestion

MP Adel Al-Damkhi

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 13: MP Adel Al-Damkhi has presented an initiative on the government formation and dialogue table for the executive and legislative authorities. In a press statement to the Media Center in the National Assembly, Al-Damkhi revealed he found some reactions to his initiative surprising; especially since his main aim is for the two authorities to establish a good relationship in the midst of difficult circumstances.

He said the initiative consists of eight points representing general rules, such as choosing ministers who are honest and do not cause troubles. He added the formation of a good and realistic government will be the foundation of understanding between the two authorities. He further clarified that he did not demand for the appointment of anyone as minister, because his main concern is the removal of those who cause trouble. He called on his colleagues to support the initiative, taking into consideration the regional risks; warning that Kuwait will not be spared if the situation worsens, God forbid. He also stressed the need for a government team that will negotiate with MPs on contentious issues, adding the government must be neutral in dealing with everyone.

He went on to say the decision to postpone interpellations is linked with the selection of ministers who do not cause trouble, hoping there will be a special session on Thursday and other sessions for every minister to explain their vision and program to the MPs, as well as record their observations and mistakes to avoid them in the future. He also called for a monthly meeting between MPs and the political leadership to discuss the latest developments and files, in addition to finding appropriate solutions.

Meanwhile, MP Riyadh Al-Adsani thanked God Almighty that Kuwait does not fall on the earthquake belt as confirmed by astronomers and geologists. He expressed appreciation for the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Interior, while emphasizing the need to activate the role of the ministry’s Disaster Management Unit especially after the earthquake that hit border areas between Iraq and Iran. He said the people of Kuwait felt the tremor and they panicked in the absence of a governmental statement reassuring and guiding them on how to deal with crises and natural disasters. He urged the government to coordinate with the concerned authorities, particularly the Disaster Management Unit in the Ministry of Interior. He said there should be plans for managing crises and disasters in general, considering the Bushahr reactor in Iran is just 266 kilometers away from Kuwait.

On another issue, MP Majed Al- Mutairi has proposed development of Salmi road in order to prevent traffic accidents. In his proposal, Al-Mutairi explained Salmi Road is vital and thousands of people use it daily but it has been neglected as manifested in the accumulation of sand; in addition to the lack of light poles, maintenance and security resulting in traffic accidents – some of which took the lives of several people. He suggested installation of necessary lighting on the road, regular maintenance works and concrete barriers between this road and the next going towards the border to prevent accidents. He also recommended provision of gas stations, ambulances and other facilities to better serve road users.

By Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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