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MP urges bachelor’s and higher degrees checks of Kuwaitis and expatriates

MP Saleh Ashour

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 6: MP Saleh Ashour has called on all concerned officials in ministries to review the credentials – bachelor’s and higher degrees – of Kuwaitis and expatriates occupying leadership posts in their respective sectors, warning that these officials will be held responsible in case of negligence.

On the other hand, MP Khalil Al-Saleh has forwarded questions to the minister of education and higher education about the official missions of the director general of Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) from February 2016 till date. He requested for details like the cost and purpose of these missions, benefits, and list of the entourage along with the cost.

MP Dr Khalil Abul also submitted questions to the minister regarding those suspected of forging certificates who were referred to the Public Prosecution. He demanded for a list of all persons referred to the prosecution, level of certificates, fields of specialization countries that issued the certificates, universities — whether real or bogus, grades, and years of study. In another development, Abul asked the Council of Ministers and concerned authorities to pay attention to the new residential cities; urging them to raise public awareness on these cities through media, social and strategic platforms.

He said the Cabinet should hold weekly meetings in each of the cities, starting with Sabah Al-Ahmad City. He stressed, “Holding Cabinet meetings in Sabah Al-Ahmad City has positive implications because the city suffered health, education and security deficiencies. This is in addition to the bad road network, considering the roads are now covered with dust.  All ministers should attend the meetings, so each of them can see the role they have to play in addressing the problems.”

Meanwhile, MP Osama Al-Shahen has submitted a draft law on granting allowance and bonus to the laboratory staff at the Health Sciences Center in Kuwait University.

In his proposal, Al-Shahen explained these employees spare no effort in assisting teachers and students. They are responsible for preparation of laboratories, chemical materials (some of which are highly risky) and various samples. They also supervise students’ works in laboratories. Upon completion, the technicians have to rearrange the materials used. This made it necessary for the technicians to work more than eight hours per day. In spite all these, they do not enjoy financial benefits commensurate to the nature of their job, the lawmaker added.


By Lukman Badru Arab Times Staff

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