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Monday , February 17 2020

MP slams crash of Manpower system

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 8: MP Hammoud Al- Hamdan has denounced the Public Authority for Manpower’s failure to fix the computer system crash for three weeks, especially since this has disrupted the processing of many transactions such as those related to Residency Law violations and other problems in the private sector. He stressed the need to hold responsible all officials proven to have neglected their duties and caused the delay in fixing the system, as well as to prevent the recurrence of the problem in the future. He pointed out several senior citizens and employers have been following up daily with the staff of the authority — from early morning until the end of working hours, but their efforts proved futile as their transactions were not completed due to failure to fix the system immediately.

He urged the authority to be transparent in dealing with the citizens and to tell them the truth behind the computer system crash. He asked, “Who will bear responsibility for the Residency Law violations and fines imposed on the workers due to the crash?” He stressed the need to keep on updating the computer system, which should be done along with a study on the appropriate period for replacing the old system in order to avoid such problems.

Meanwhile, MP Saif Al-Azmi criticized the decision of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to accredit a certificate only if a complete curriculum or full scholarship document is attached to it. He also condemned the CSC’s decision to cancel the educational leave days granted to those studying abroad, accusing the commission of putting obstacles in front of citizens who want to develop their educational and living standards which are guaranteed by the Constitution. He pointed out this is an unstudied decision and it is a manifestation that the commission has succumbed to pressure from a lawmaker who talked about fake certificates.

He lamented, “A simple problem was resolved with a bigger problem which is deemed harmful to a larger segment of Kuwaitis.” He called on the CSC to rescind this unfair decision, stressing that MPs are ready to support any move towards improving the standards of living of citizens practically and academically.

By Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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