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Sunday , November 28 2021

MP proposes ‘global’ vehicle number plates

MP Osama Al- Shaheen

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 10: MP Osama Al-Shaheen has submitted a parliamentary proposal to the government for the provision of special license plates, which are recognized globally and the GCC countries in particular, for the vehicles used by senior citizens and people with disabilities.

The MP explained that people with disabilities as well as senior citizens often face traffic-related difficulties when travelling to neighboring countries in their vehicles especially when they want to park in areas allocated for the elderly and the disabled. This problem can be solved if they have accredited number plates.

He therefore recommends both Ministry of Social Affairs and Public Authority for Disabled Affairs to issue special license plates to those under their responsibility, and ensure that their validity is supported by the General Traffic Department of Ministry of Interior and approved in the neighboring GCC countries.

In another development, MP Mohammed Al-Shaheen submitted a proposal to the National Assembly, asking Ministry of Social Affairs and Civil Service Commission (CSC) to expedite procedures for launching their services in Sabah Al-Ahmad Area.

He said the social development services under these two governmental authorities are currently operational in Blocks A and B of Sabah Al-Ahmad Area, but considering the area is one of the biggest cities in the country with a steady growth of residents, the MP urged an expedited completion of such centers in Blocks C, D and E.

Meanwhile, MP Mohammad Hussein Al-Dalal submitted a parliamentary question to the State Minister for Economic Affairs and Acting Minister of Finance, asking for information about the procedures taken from the year 2016 until date by the relevant state bodies to enhance institutional governance.

He said the Secretariat General for Planning, with the participation of State Audit Bureau, prepared a reference guide on the procedures for institutional governance. MP Al-Dalal asked the minister to inform him about the date when the reference guide will be issued and to what extent it will be obligatory for the different state institutions.

He asked if Civil Service Commission (CSC) has issued any decisions or provisions concerning the follow-up and enforcement of the basic principles of constitutional governance, and if the Secretariat General for Planning and the relevant minister conducted any studies or researches for the enforcement of constitutional governance since 2016.

Furthermore, MP Al-Humaidhi Al- Subai’e submitted a question to Minister of Oil concerning a report published in a local newspaper about the referral of a senior official to the Public Prosecution over allegations of exploiting his position in one of the oil companies of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) to conclude deals with his private company for gaining KD 5 million illegally. Al-Subai’e said the report stated that two other officials are involved in the issue but they still occupy their positions.

He asked, “If such a report true? If yes, I want a copy of the decision taken to dismiss the accused senior official from his position, a copy of the decision to refer him to Public Prosecution, and the results of the investigation”.

By Ahmed Al-Naqeeb and Saeed Mahmoud Saleh Arab Times Staff

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