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MP to propose life sentence for deliberate cross-dressers – Buildings occupied without owners knowledge

KUWAIT CITY, June 3: Member of Parliament Dr Abdulrahman Al-Najran has unveiled his plan to present a proposal to amend the Penal Code in order to toughen punishment for cross-dressers and transgenders including life sentence, reports Al-Wasat daily. In a press statement, Al-Jiran explained there are two types of crossdressers — those born with both male and female sexual organs (hermaphrodites) and there is no punishment for them since their condition is inborn. The other type includes those who are naturally and mentally mature, but prefer to appear and behave like the opposite sex in all characteristics and this is considered a perverse act which should not be dealt with leniently. Al-Jiran pointed out that whoever is proven to be suffering from personality disorder should be referred to the Psychiatric Hospital where he will be given the appropriate medication and a report about his condition. He disclosed the report will be presented to the concerned authority to determine if the person is willing to undergo treatment or not. If the person is reluctant, he will be referred to the Public Prosecution again, the lawmaker added. The proposal shall include stipulations on the extension of detention period, referral to the Psychiatric Hospital, and tougher punishment — up to life sentence for repeat offenders, Al-Jiran concluded.

Illegal donations: General Department of Residency Investigation arrested a Bedoun man for collecting donations illegally, reports Al-Seyassah daily. Information reaching the sector indicated the suspect was collecting donations from citizens in coordination with a woman who approached unsuspecting citizens to tell them about some charity projects in the pipeline, such as digging of wells and building mosques.

The suspect would then follow up to collect the money from donors. In a statement, the Public Relations and Security Information Department said the first suspect (Bedoun) was arrested with receipts valued at KD 60,000, and he confessed collecting donations on behalf of a bogus charity institute, and received specific commission for his service. He led security operatives to the charity in question, run by a Kuwaiti citizen who owns a posh car. The citizen was also taken into custody, and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor has since been addressed to close the file of the company. Some female employees of the company were also summoned for investigation. Public Relations and Security Information Department calls upon citizens and expatriates to desist from donating through unlicensed charities and Foundations to ensure their donations reach those truly in need of them.

Security crackdown: Officers affiliated to Ministry of Interior arrested several violators of law and issued 143 traffic citations during extensive campaigns that they launched in Capital and Ahmadi governorates based on instructions from Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Affairs at Ministry of Interior Major General Ibrahim Al-Tarrah, says Al-Seyassah. Capital securitymen held an inspection campaign for almost three hours under the supervision of Acting Director General of Capital Governorate Colonel Nasser Al-Adwani.

They arrested 13 violators of residency law and 30 individuals without their official identification documents. They also issued 40 traffic citations. The arrested individuals were referred to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action. Meanwhile, Ahmadi securitymen launched extensive security campaigns in all areas of the governorate based on instructions from Ahmadi Security Director Brigadier Abdullah Safa. An Asian expatriate was arrested in possession of 100 plastic bags of locally manufactured liquor inside the trunk of his vehicle.

In addition, 24 violators of residency law, 33 individuals without their official identification documents and 14 men and women who were reported as absconding were arrested. Securitymen also seized 9 vehicles and issued 103 traffic citations. The Public Relations and Security Media Department affirmed that such security campaigns will continue to be held in all governorates to arrest the wanted individuals and violators of law. It stressed the importance of Kuwaiti citizens and expatriates to cooperate with securitymen for ensuring the security of Kuwait.

‘Free of singles’: Director of Kuwait Municipality Hawalli branch Falah Al-Shimmari said the branch has provided the Municipality’s emergency team documents pertaining to violating residential buildings in Block 12, Salmiya which house singles, to cut off power supply, reports Al-Rai daily.

Al-Shimmari added when the Hawally branch requested the Land Registry to provide it with statements of some real estate whose owners are unknown records show there are 25 residential apartments which violate the law and that the Municipality will provide the branch data of 40 properties during the coming period and that within ten days the power supply to these buildings will be cut off. He added by the end of this year Block 12 in Salmiya will be free of ‘singles’ before working to identify the real estate who have committed other violations before adjusting the population density in the private housing estate.

Drugs with trucker: Customs officers assigned in Abdally border arrested a truck driver for trying to smuggle 180,000 narcotic pills from Iraq, says Al-Seyassah. The officers got suspicious when a truck loaded with coal bags from Iraq passed through the border. When they inspected the coal bags, the officers discovered the abovementioned narcotics. They referred the truck driver, along with the contraband, to the concerned security department for legal action.

Above left: Asians found living in under construction buildings and gays, prostitutes arrested in raids (right).
Above left: Asians found living in under construction buildings and gays, prostitutes arrested in raids (right).

Buildings occupied without owners knowledge
Capital securitymen arrested 13 Asian expatriates for staying in buildings under construction in Jaber Al-Ahmad City without the knowledge of the building owners. When Capital securitymen received information about a group of individuals living in buildings under construction, they raided the buildings and arrested 13 Asian expatriates, some of whom were in violation of the residency law.

When questioned, they confessed that they are staying in these buildings without the knowledge of the building owners. They were referred to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action.

Meanwhile, acting on information and armed with a search and arrest warrant issued by the Public Prosecution, personnel from the Search and Follow-up Department of the Ministry of Health recently raided a vice den in Salmiya and arrested 4 Chinese — two of them believed to be prostitutes and two gays, says a press release issued by the Ministry of Interior. The arrested have been referred to the concerned authority to prepare their deportation from the country and also to the medical authorities to ascertain they are not carriers of contagious diseases.

By Meshal Al-Sanousi Al-Seyassah Staff

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