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Wednesday , November 13 2019

MP plans to grill PM – ‘Waste’

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 27: MP Yousef Al- Fadalah has announced his plan to present a grilling request against HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al- Mubarak Al-Hamad Al- Sabah on March 5, 2017. Al-Fadalah disclosed the interpellation points are as follows: endangering the financial status of the country, unfair and questionable spending, wastage of public funds, and discrepancies between objectives of budgets and expenditures due to random decisions which affect the economy.

He stressed that he is keen on submitting the interpellation request on March 5, 2017 if the government does not hold accountable the alleged “heads of corruption” in the Health Ministry and if his questions remain unanswered. He added he has started coordinating with his colleagues to obtain support for the grilling motion.

Meanwhile, MP Mohammed Hayef Huwailah claimed the current security restrictions are hurting everybody — Bedouns, Kuwaitis and expatriates. He pointed out these restrictions are unconstitutional; hence, the need to enact a law to organize them.

Speaking in a press conference recently, Huwailah announced, “We submitted a draft law on organizing security restrictions.” He said the draft law aims to stop injustice caused by the existing security restrictions which are no longer logical. He cited as an example the stipulation about imposing security restrictions on anyone who participated in demonstrations, because the restrictions apply even to those who attended a certain symposium, and sometimes the entire family, if one of the members violated the regulations. He reiterated the importance of promulgating a law on regulating security restrictions and it should be referred to the court which will take a decision in this regard.

In another development, MP Khalil Al- Saleh has presented a proposal calling on competent authorities at Kuwait Municipality, Interior and Health ministries to issue commercial licenses to food trucks which sell food products and drinks along the main streets, camping areas and chalets. Al-Saleh said this proposal will ensure providing dignifi ed employment for Kuwaiti youths, address problems in obtaining fi nancing and having huge capital as a condition for owning or managing a restaurant that sells snacks and beverages — and provide the best services to people along the streets, chalets and camping areas.


By Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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