Monday , September 24 2018

MP Ashour accused of divisiveness – Calls to resign

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 1: MP Saleh Ashour came under fire from some of his colleagues when he urged his fellow Shiite MPs to submit their resignation, as he was accused of trying to divide the Kuwaiti society.

Ashour was among the Shiite MPs who boycotted the parliamentary session a day after the court ruled against the cell accused of collaborating with Iran. MP Majed Mousa asked Ashour to resign on his own because he does not represent the Shiite MPs. He pointed out that whenever trouble and tension die down, some people like Ashour reignite them by issuing such a statement.

While describing the Shiite MPs as good and rational, Mousa reiterated Ashour does not represent the Shiites. He clarified the MPs are supposed to represent the people of Kuwait – Shiites and Sunnis, but Ashour seems to be igniting tension through his provocative tweets or remarks.

MP Mohammed Al-Jabri also attacked Ashour, claiming that the latter grabs every opportunity to provoke people in order to serve his personal interests. He added Ashour’s statements against the court rulings regarding the Abdali cell and other cases have sectarian implications which provoke division. “We will not tolerate such acts, especially since everyone is keen on strengthening national unity,” he concluded. On the other hand, Shiite MP Abdul Hameed Dashti said he did not find any justification for attacking Ashour who, he asserted, merely expressed his opinion. “This is his constitutional right as a citizen and no one has the authority over what he must say as an MP representing the nation,” Dashti argued.

He also stressed the need to implement reforms, improve performance, avoid discrimination and treat citizens equally rather than undermining their constitutional rights. In another development, MP Ahmed Mutei Al-Azmi asked Information Minister Sheikh Salman Al-Hammud Al-Sabah to cancel the Hala February Music Festival due to the alleged ethical and moral violations observed in such events; not to mention the need to take into consideration the current situation of Muslims in Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq and other countries. He added that at the beginning of the Syrian revolution, Kuwait’s Information Ministry suspended these events, so he wonders why this step is not taken now since the revolution is still ongoing.

He went on to say that the music festival is not in line with the theme of the national days celebration as it contravenes Islamic values. In the meantime, MP Ahmed Al-Qudhaibi said an official working on the fund for small and medium enterprises has informed him that they have successfully financed over 40 projects till date, so he requested for a detailed report on these projects. He wants to know the estimated number of employment opportunities which will be generated by these projects, number of rejected projects, and number of projects under assessment. He also asked about the requirements for financing and other procedures.

Moreover, Chairman of the Public Funds Protection Committee MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji confirmed reaching an agreement with State Audit Bureau (SAB) for the panel to investigate irregularities in Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA). He added they have also agreed on the format of reports which will be submitted to the National Assembly for deliberation.

By Abubakar A. Ibrahim and Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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