Thursday , January 17 2019

MP Al-Dosari takes aim at those mocking him

KUWAIT CITY, June 6: Member of Parliament Nasser Al-Dosari in his recent statement concerning the rights of Bedoun and tyranny of the Central System for Resolving Status of Illegal Residents (CSRSIR) said his words bother some people to the point that they calumniate inside ‘diwaniyas’ assuming such a move will affect their convictions, reports Al-Jarida daily.

In a statement, MP Al-Dosari told those people and their kind who feed on abhorred racism that “we hold on to firm and clear principles and we will never deviate from them, because this is what our religion stands for and it’s what we were brought up on”. Al-Dosari reiterated “if they are mocking and considering Bedoun MP to be an insult, I say it’s an honor to be a Bedoun MP and representative of all noble people living in this beloved land. I will continue firm on this principle and position. The best is yet to come to Kuwait”.

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