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Move unfair, not enough space to park cars – Some back removing number plates

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 9: The recent decision by the General Traffic Department of the Ministry of Interior to confiscate the license plates of vehicles disrupting traffic flow has caused quite a stir among motorists since its enforcement.

In this week’s Arab Times online poll, readers weighed in on the issue, with the majority pointing to the lack of car parking spaces available in Kuwait.

26% of voters felt that the move was unfair to motorists as there are no sufficient parking spaces and structures available in busy locales of Kuwait. “I work in Kuwait City and if I have a meeting out of the office, I know I will not be able to get a spot in the paid parking structures by my office when I get back. They are full and even over capacity. You cannot tell people to not park on the road without providing an alternative.” “The government should not hand out permits for buildings who do have provisions made for parking. Instead of penalizing the motorist, we have to look for real solutions”, a voter told the Arab Times.

23% of respondents were in favour of the move as it would curb illegal parking and force people to use paid parking complexes. “I have noticed a lot of people park their cars in front of entrances, block others and just make life inconvenient for everyone else because there are no penalties for their actions. This has to stop, some people have no regard for other drivers.”

19% felt that the law was implemented in haste without and proper studies and 5% of voters criticized the move because no guidelines on confiscated number plate vehicles were provided and people were uncertain if they were allowed to tow their cars or keep them at the same spot. “There was no public awareness campaign launched, no warning. I think this is wrong. People should have been warned that this strict measure was going to be taken”, another respondent shared.

7% of respondents felt that criminal activities would rise as law breakers would exploit this situations to avoid identification. “You know the government hasn’t thought this through because anyone can use their vehicles to commit serious crimes and then just claim that their number plate was confiscated to avoid detection”, a voter shared.

While 6% felt that this measure would curb congestion by decreasing the number of vehicles on the road, only 1% of voters felt that this step would be beneficial as fines will be paid quickly as compared to paying of penalties during passing of vehicles.

13% of voters felt that this step would be short lived. “Like every other action in Kuwait, this topic will be hot for a few days and then it will fizzle. Just look at the number of distracted drivers in Kuwait on their mobile phones, nothing has been done to discourage that and that I’m sure is a more dire concern with regards to road safety and traffic flows.”


By Cinatra Fernandes Arab Times Staff

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