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Wednesday , January 19 2022

Mosafer, Immunity apps leave travelers in limbo – ‘Missed flights, arrival delay’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 4: The technical problems that users of the travel apps “Kuwait Mosafer” and “Immunity” face as well as those trying for the approval of vaccination certificates from outside the country on the Ministry of Health website are endless. Many of them are unable to travel due to non-completion of the required procedures when using these sites due to the increased demand for them or the failure to properly activate some of them, reports Al-Qabas daily. In terms of the approval for vaccination certificates, the process is still ongoing very slowly due to the delay from the Ministry of Health in dealing with the large number of requests from travelers wishing to enter the country. Applicants for approval of vaccination certificates told the daily that, despite uploading their certificates to the ministry’s website a few days ago, they had not yet obtained approval, which resulted in loss of their tickets, as they had booked tickets long time ago under the belief that the Ministry of Health would approve vaccination certificates within a short period of time. This left the travelers in a limbo.

The requirement to enter the civil ID number to register Gulf nationals in the apps prevents many from visiting the country. The matter is not much different from the “Kuwait Mosafer” app, as a large number of travelers complained that trying to register through it in the airports outside the country led to delay in the arrival of travelers to Kuwait, and the missing of fl ights. Surprise Citizens revealed through social media their surprise that they did not rely on PCR tests when leaving any country before arriving in Kuwait, and vice versa, with the presence of vaccination certificates approved by the ministries of Health in the countries of expatriates, which can be checked at Kuwait airport and through trained medical staff to monitor any cases of forgery or tampering with the certificates or even conduct the required tests prior to applying home quarantine.

Facilitating government agencies’ travel movement based on the epidemiological situation has become a collective demand, in light of the faltered travel of a large number of citizens and residents, and their movement between countries due to the requirements of electronic apps, which often do not work well. Relying on field tests at the ports may also save a lot of time, effort and money for the state, especially with the inability of many to travel and the incurring of additional sums for staying in hotels and airports, as well as the allocation of sums from the government for these applications. The health teams can conduct daily swab tests at land and air ports to monitor any incoming infection cases, and then return the infected traveler to his home country, or even subject him to institutional quarantine at his own expense, or at the expense of the sponsor or the employer of the infected expatriate. This could be one of the solutions that may facilitate the process of travellers’ movement and their entry into the country

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