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‘More Kuwaitis killed in traffic accidents as compared to expats’; Lingerie thrown on road causes traffic chaos

Lingerie items litter the Sixth Ring Road.
Lingerie items litter the Sixth Ring Road.

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 2: According to death statistics of 2014, 5,819 death cases were registered last year out of which 3,186 cases were of Kuwaiti citizens and 2,633 of expatriates. The total population of the country has reached 4.202 million out of which 1.298 million are Kuwaiti citizens.

Sociology Expert Dr Mohammad Al-Mohannadi explained that the death rate among Kuwaitis is higher than that among expatriates due to a number of reasons such as the deaths among elderly Kuwaitis and traffic accidents that take the lives of youths because of their recklessness.

Most of the expatriates residing in Kuwait are young and healthy, as they are forced to undergo medical examinations when they enter the country to ensure they are not suffering from any chronic or contagious diseases. Meanwhile, regarding the birth rate, Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) issued statistics to reveal that the number of births in Kuwait in 2014 was 60,148 out of which 33,861 births were of Kuwaitis.

The statistics explained that 11,467 Kuwaiti women and 8,714 non- Kuwaiti women of ages 25 to 29 years gave birth in Kuwait last year. Most births in Kuwait are usually borne by women of ages 30 to 34 years.

The number of Kuwaiti women of this age group who gave birth last year was 8,461. In addition, 4,729 Kuwaiti women of ages 20-24 years, 87 Kuwaiti women of ages 40-49 years and 8 Kuwaiti women of ages 50-54 years had given birth in 2014. The statistics also revealed that 24 non-Kuwaiti women of ages 50-44 years, 2 non-Kuwaiti women of ages 55-59 years and 2 non-Kuwaiti women aged above 59 years gave birth last year.

Lingerie thrown on road causes traffic chaos
An unknown individual threw several lingerie materials while driving on Sixth Ring Road, causing traffic congestion. According to sources, motorists driving on Sixth Ring Road were surprised to see several lingerie pieces of various colors lying on the road.

Many of them slowed down while some even stopped to check, which resulted in traffic congestion. When the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior received information about the presence of female underclothes on Sixth Ring Road, securitymen rushed to the location and removed them. Investigations have been launched to find and arrest the suspect who threw the lingerie on the road.

By Najeh Bilal Al-Seyassah Staff and Agencies

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