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Wednesday , June 29 2022

More house price, more loan

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 17: MP Farz Al-Daihani has submitted a bill on amending Housing Welfare Law number 47/1993 in order to increase the minimum value of a citizen’s house from KD300,000 to KD500,000 so that they can obtain a housing loan amounting to KD70,000. Al-Daihani explained the proposed amendment is aimed at increasing the chances of citizens to obtain KD70,000 housing loan. He said the stipulated minimum value of a citizen’s house must be amended from time to time, taking into consideration the rising prices of real estate properties and that the last amendment was done in 2010.

In another development, Al-Daihani forwarded queries to Minister of Education Ali Fahd Al-Mudaf about the vacant supervisory posts in various directorates and departments in the headquarters of the ministry and the educational districts. He requested for copies of the job advertisements if the ministry published these vacancies. He wants to know as well the number of recruitmentrelated cases filed against the ministry in the last five years.

MP Marzouq Al-Khalifa forwarded queries to Minister of State for Municipality and Housing Affairs and Urban Development Shaya Abdulrahman Al-Shaya about the landfill in Jahra which was established before 1990. He said the landfill has been expanded over the years and it is now closer to the residential areas, so he wants to know its current size. He asked if a recommendation to relocate the landfill has been submitted to the Municipal Council. If yes, he asked for a copy of the council’s response. If no, he wants to know the reason for not referring the issue to the council. He inquired if the concerned department at Kuwait Municipality is inspecting the landfill regularly in coordination with the Environment Public Authority (EPA). If yes, he requested for copies of the reports on the condition of the landfill; as well as the plan for relocation of the landfill.

Al-Khalifa also urged His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid to instruct Kuwait Airways Corporation to arrange flights for the return of Kuwaiti students in Egypt due to the rising number of covid-19 cases there. He pointed out these students are suffering due to the high prices of plane tickets as they can return to Kuwait only after staying in Istanbul, Doha or Riyadh for some days. MP Bader Al-Humaidi forwarded queries to Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Justice and Minister of State for Nazaha Enhancement Abdullah Al-Rumi about the non- Kuwaitis working at Kuwait National Diwan for Human Rights since 2015 till date. By Saeed Mahmoud Saleh Arab Times Staff

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