Tuesday , October 23 2018

MoI officer caught with drugs – Hot chase arrest

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 6: Jahra securitymen arrested a Kuwaiti lieutenant working in the Interior Ministry for consuming drugs and possession of two packs of shabu. While patrolling in Jahra, the securitymen got suspicious after noticing the erratic movement of a vehicle.

They signaled for the driver to pull over but he sped off, driving recklessly such that he endangered his life and that of other road users. The securitymen then requested for backup and chased the suspect who turned out to be a Kuwaiti lieutenant employed at the ministry.

During the arrest, the officers noticed the suspect was in an abnormal condition and he was uttering strange words as he was under the influence of drugs. They found two packs of shabu in the possession of the suspect when they inspected his vehicle, indicating the suspect was clad in police uniform without his rank insignia and name plate.

They checked the suspect’s records, leading to the discovery that he is a lieutenant assigned in the Rescue Section of the ministry. Security sources added the suspect was not carrying a weapon and does not head patrol operations but he is still working in rescue management in spite of his involvement in a drug-related case in the past and put on trial at the Military Court.

By Mishal Al-Sanousi Al-Seyassah Staff

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