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Saturday , October 16 2021

MoI keeps security check on chalets, leisure resorts to prevent ‘violations’

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 15: The Ministry of the Interior continues to implement its security plan to monitor irregularities and violations in various areas, especially in places where people spend their leisure time and spend holidays, either inside the chalets or on the islands, reports Al- Rai daily.

After intervening to rectify the situation and put an end to the chaos of the ‘caravans’ in the chalets area recently, the Ministry puts final touches to a plan to address irregularities in the island of Khubr.

A security source told the daily “the plan, which began with the participation of the intelligence men and Coast Guard, aims to protect the security and monitor any abuses that may happen on the island and along the coasts, especially during weekends.” The source said the next phase “will witness the development of mechanisms in terms of dealing with the security plans and procedures to keep pace with the increasing number of yachts and those who rent speed boats especially in the face of practices which run contrary to the laws.

The source pointed out the Coast Guard patrols closely follow the visitors to the island around the clock in order to maintain security and monitor and follow-up activities. The source confirmed that the Ministry of the Interior will intensify patrols on the Khubr Island.

On the same level, the Environment Public Authority recently carried out an inspection tour of the island in cooperation with the Coast Guard in order to monitor the negative effects on the island caused by dumping garbage on the shores. The Chairman of the Commission, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad, has called on the islanders to cooperate and maintain the cleanliness of the island and dump the rubbish and waste in the designated places.

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