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MoE’s top employees fails in electronic examination

KUWAIT CITY, March 26: Many high-level employees of Ministry of Education including directors, assistant directors, supervisors and head of departments failed in the tests of supervisory positions, which indicate the low level of ability of officials who are in charge of the country’s educational process. The results announced by the ministry in all six educational zones reveal a decline in the success rate of the recently held electronic examinations.

The results of Arabic supervision examinations were one percent while that of other specialties were zero percent, even though hundreds of top officials of different specialties sat for these examinations. Sources said the low results of the electronic examinations have unveiled the actual level of capability of the top officials who occupy supervisory positions in the educational sector.

Meanwhile, a number of officials who failed in the electronic examinations insisted that the examinations and results were not fair, as 11 memos of the physical education tests were distributed just two weeks before the tests and the applicants did not have sufficient time to go through them.

They declared that they will stage a sit-in in front of Ministry of Education in Shuwaikh area on Tuesday to protest against these results, insisting that they want a meeting with the top officials of the ministry to explain the reasons behind such low results. Recent international reports placed Kuwait in the 104th position out of a total of 144 countries in terms of quality of educational system.

By Rana Salem Al-Seyassah Staff

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