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MoE service workers refuse to carry out orders; Cleaning workers protest to work salaries not paid for three consecutive months

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 19: Director of Farwaniya Educational Area Jassem Bu Hamad blew the whistle on the downside of employing service workers in the schools of the Ministry of Education, reports Al-Rai daily.

He confirmed receiving several complaints from some schools regarding service workers who refuse to carry out orders, and those working in a sluggish manner.

In a letter to the Director of Public Services Department Fahd Al- Hayan, Bu Hamad said he found three service workers smoking inside a vacant room and neglecting their duty while he was visiting a certain school.

He requested the names of the laggard workers and ordered their immediate replacement after taking necessary steps to address the Legal Affairs Department to take legal action against them.

Bu Hamad also informed the Director of Human Resources Department about some 13 laborers transferred from the Farwaniya Educational Area. He noted some of the aforementioned laborers will be moved to Jahra Educational Area.

Meanwhile, some laborers from the cleaning companies signing contracts with Ministry of Education have embarked on a strike to protest against the companies’ refusal to pay their salaries for three consecutive months.

In this context, Assistant Undersecretary for Financial Affairs in the Ministry of Education Yusuf Al-Najar attributes the delay in payment of their salaries to accumulation of receipts based on the oracle system activated in the official public establishments recently.

He noted the Undersecretary of Education Dr Haitham Al-Athari has since addressed accountants of the Financial Department to finish up the delayed receipts and pay all outstanding sums to relevant companies.

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  1. William Douglas

    Where is the supervision of the labour. It just does not work very well if the people lack proper training and adequate supervision. The buch ends at the employers desk and not just dismissing the labourers. The source of the problem needs correction.