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MoE finalizing list of expat workers to be terminated by end of June ’19

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 23: The Administrative Sector at the Ministry of Education is finalizing the list of expatriate employees whose service will be terminated by the end of June 2019, reports Al-Jarida daily quoting sources.

Sources said the list includes 1,000 expatriate employees – 300 teachers, 100 social workers and 600 support staff – covered by the replacement decision for fiscal year 2018/2019.

Sources disclosed the names of these employees were forwarded to the relevant educational districts and directorates of the ministry for review. Sources added the Public Education Department selected 300 teachers who will be terminated based on their fields of specialization as the number of Kuwaiti teachers with the same specializations is enough to fill the vacancies.

Sources clarified the number of social workers who will be terminated has been reduced from 200 to 100 due to the shortage last year when it was discovered that it is not easy to fill this post with nationals.

About the 600 support staff, the sources said 250 of them are from Farwaniya Educational District which has no cleaning contract. Sources affirmed the Public Services and Financial Affairs departments are preparing the tender for providing cleaning workers and support staff for schools in this educational district.

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