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MoCI seeks ways to ensure advanced level of food security and maintain prices of live sheep

KUWAIT CITY, May 31: Ministry of Commerce and Industry has been studying ways to ensure advanced level of food security in Kuwait and maintain the prices of live sheep in case a crisis of food supply occurs in the country due to reports about Australia’s intention to reduce the quantity of live sheep exported to Kuwait, reports Al-Rai daily quoting informed sources.

They explained that the ways being studied include adding meat to the ration cards for distributing to citizens in a just manner. The relevant bodies are also studying the possibility of increasing the subsidy for meat as a way of controlling the expected hike in prices.

The sources affirmed that Kuwait has a strategy for dealing with such crises and covering the demands of the market, indicating that the current options include exporting live sheep from other countries such as South Africa, South America and Sudan. They hinted that the demand for meat is expected to increase in the coming two months, stressing that Kuwait may not suffer any shortage for frozen and chilled meat as the current stock is enough to meet the demand if the Livestock Transport and Trading Company (Al-Mawashi) fails to import meat from different countries. However, they added that the prices of meat are expected to increase.

The sources affirmed that the studies include increasing the subsidy offered to the livestock pen owners, adding that many owners said the subsidy is offered to them to enhance local production and support the local markets but some take advantage of the subsidy and export most of their products to outside markets. The sources indicated that enhancing the stock of fish is another option to confront the expected crisis.

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