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Tuesday , January 21 2020

Mobile police squad at the airport soon

KUWAIT CITY, May 20: Mobile police squad clad in military uniform which is different from that of the Interior Ministry securitymen will be assigned soon at Kuwait International Airport, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting sources.

Sources revealed the mission of the squad will be limited to dealing with quarrels and those involved in gatherings on some occasions like the arrival of newlyweds, a patient or a student who just graduated. Sources said Airport Security Commander Major General Waleed Al-Saleh is the brain behind the idea and he will choose members of the mobile police squad carefully.

They explained this step aims to maintain the airport’s prestige and security, in addition to giving airport securitymen enough time to attend to their other duties as they will no longer be obliged to take the above mentioned actions.

Sources added the squad will consist of one offi cer and fi ve individuals at the beginning and the number will be increased to 10 later. They said the squad will be roving around different halls and lounges to ensure they respond quickly to calls for assistan

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