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Misuse of civil id by a cheat

I would like to thank you for all the legal advice that you have been giving to the readers… I recently read the issue regarding the Civil ID use by another person to purchase an electronic gadget. My wife has been affected by a similar issue. She had applied for a job earlier and given a copy of her Civil ID to the company where she applied.

Somebody used the copy of her Civil ID to purchase products from a telecom company and now this company is asking us to pay for the purchases. My wife went to the telecom company and they said they would investigate the matter.

My wife went to the telecom company a number of times and we even told them that we were outside the country at the time the purchases were made. They have now had a travel ban slapped on my wife. Will the case or the travel ban affect the renewal of my wife’s residence? (Visa 18) because her residence will expire on Jan 23, 2017… we are planning to fight back but we are afraid that her company will have a problem to renew her residence. Seeking your advice.

Name withheld

Answer: The ban will not affect the renewal of your wife’s residence nor should her company worry about … it will not have any problem in renewing the residence. The travel ban means exactly that —your wife can’t travel out of the country. It doesn’t affect any other transaction in Kuwait, so you don’t have to worry about anything nor does her company.

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