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Wednesday , November 30 2022

Ministry of Finance’s senior official, 5 assistants resign

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Reshuffling asst undersecretaries tied to decision

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 31: The Undersecretary of Ministry of Finance Saleh Al-Zarawi and five of the ministry’s assistant undersecretaries submitted a joint resignation following the issuance of a decision to reshuffle assistant undersecretaries in the ministry, reports Al-Rai daily. Minister of Finance Barak Al-Shitan has accepted their resignation. Besides the Undersecretary Al-Zarawi, the others who resigned are the assistant undersecretaries Abdul- Ghaffar Al-Awadhi, Ibrahim Al-Anzi, Abdul- Mohsen Al-Tayyar, Adel Al-Mannai, and Ghazi Al- Ayyash.

In the text of their resignation letter, they wrote, “Your Excellency has issued decisions No. 48/2020, 49/2020, 50/2020, 54/2020, 55/2020, 56/2020 and 57/2020 to conduct an unprecedented comprehensive reshuffling among all the leaders of the ministry with the rank of “Assistant Undersecretary”. This reshuffling is being conducted due to the refusal of some of those included in this reshuffle to implement your instructions for actions and behaviors that violate the law and regulations.

And since this reshuffling was based on the apparent cause as the public interest while its true ulterior motive is the absence of institutional work in a high-risk professional ministry and the priority of private interests over the integrity of the behavior and the required procedure that lacks agreement with provisions of laws and regulations, it is an attempt to impede the work of state property that aims to increase public revenues, and finally to be indifferent to the observations of the supervisory authorities.

This is in addition to the fact that conducting this reshuffling will lead to the occupation of some massive jobs that do not correspond to the specialization or accumulated experience available to some of us in violation of the provisions of the law, decree and civil service regulations. It will also mount pressure on the budget sector for the public finances to pass high-cost financial projects without development benefit and without taking into account the difficulties and circumstances that the public finances are going through. Therefore, we raise to you a collective and reasoned resignation from our jobs.”

It is worth mentioning that the Minister of Finance Barak Al-Shitan had issued a decision to reshuffle assistant undersecretaries in the ministry. He decided to assign Abdul Ghaffar Al-Awadi as the assistant undersecretary for financial and tax affairs, Abdul-Mohsen Al-Tayyar as assistant undersecretary for public accounting affairs, Ibrahim Al-Anzi as assistant undersecretary for storage and procurement systems affairs, and Asil Al-Munifias assistant undersecretary for public budgetary affairs.

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