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Tuesday , October 19 2021

Ministry of Health decides not to refer impotency cases to overseas medical treatment department

‘Treatment of 1,247 cases in Kuwait successful’

KUWAIT CITY, March 4: Ministry of Health has decided that cases of impotency will no longer be referred to overseas medical treatment department due to successes recorded in the treatment of 1,247 cases of impotency at the Test Tube Baby Unit of the Maternity Hospital in Kuwait within a spate of three years (2014-2016), reports Al- Jarida daily quoting the Minister of Health Dr Basel Al-Sabah. Responding to a parliamentary question raised by MP Abdul-Wahab Al-Babtain, Dr Al-Sabah said the figure is in addition to 642 similar cases treated at the same unit in Jahra Hospital, while the ministry bore the costs of some 810 cases of impotency treated in private hospitals.

He explained the cost of treating of each case depends on intensity and nature of the ailment, as well as examinations, analyses, and technical medical conditions. Talking about the rate of cases treated at public hospitals, the minister explained the Maternity Hospital treated 473 cases in 2014 (40 percent), 544 in 2015 (45 percent), and 230 cases in 2016 (28 percent). Concerning Jahra Hospital, he stated 95 cases were treated in 2014 of which 41 percent was successful, in addition to 41.5 percent of 399 cases treated in 2015, while 45 percent of the total 208 cases recorded in 2016 succeeded. He stressed the rate of successes recorded favorably compares to that of advanced countries, citing the United Kingdom where 30 percent, 43 percent and 35 percent rates of success were recorded within the years in review.

Another example is the United States that recorded 39 percent, 50 percent and 40 percent success rates respectively within those years. He pointed out that the ministry has decided to stop overseas medical treatment for such cases on the sponsorship of the ministry. He reaffirmed overseas treatments have been restricted to other critical cases, due to adequate number of medical personnel available to deal with such cases locally at test tube baby units. He listed exceptional cases referred abroad as cancer, complicated surgeries, pediatrics, and other critical cases

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