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Minister’s decisions include NCCAL strategy discussion

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Bid to improve artistic field

KUWAIT CITY, July 27: After issuing decisions to regulate the licensing of theatrical performances of theater groups and the private sector in June, Minister of Information and Culture and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi on Monday took several important decisions that were welcomed by those interested in cultural and artistic affairs who are hoping these decisions will be implemented in a way that puts forward the cultural and artistic movement at a time the country is still grappling with the spread of corona, reports Al-Anba daily.

The new decisions include the start of discussions on the strategy of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL); launching the House of Music and House of Folk Arts projects in October in cooperation with the Kuwaiti Artists Association; opening of a permanent exhibition of fine artists in October to serve as a platform for displaying creative fine artworks throughout the year; protection of antiquities, museums and historical buildings in accordance with Antiquities Law number 11 of 1960; and resumption of cultural and artistic activities in accordance with the health regulations. These decisions will greatly contribute to ongoing efforts to improve the cultural and artistic fields.

The NCCAL has been tasked to implement these decisions. It has been instructed to conduct a comprehensive study and lay down a mechanism for the proper implementation of the decisions to ensure the intellectuals and artists in all fields fully benefit from the decisions; especially the House of Music and Kuwait Popular Arts House projects at the headquarters of the Museum of Modern Art, which will also host the permanent exhibition of plastic artists. This is considered an important cultural project; because young musicians, popular groups and plastic artists need support to showcase their creativity.

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