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MEW will stick to new billing system: Minister

KUWAIT CITY, March 8: Minister of Oil, Electricity and Water Essam Al-Marzouq renewed the pledge to consumers that the ministry will stick to the new electricity billing system without resorting to any further upward review compliant with the billing system approved by the National Assembly over a year ago if the power conservation is strictly adhered to.

In a recent statement, the minister declared the sector has unified the billing system for all categories to see how far consumers will adhere to power conservation from this time forth “and if conservation goes on as smooth as anticipated with the same trend, there will not be any reason to jerk up the tariff” and categorization of the tariff will be postponed.

He stressed the cost per kilowatt for ministries is 28 fils while individual consumers will be paying 5 fils per kilowatt. He added conserving 30 percent of the consumption rate is better than raising the tariff to 15 fils per kilowatt.

He also said postponing the implementation of billing system categorization depends on arrangements for smart meter-related infrastructure, which the ministry will install soon. He assured accurate data collection will be done and the installation is expected to be completed within two years.

As regards the opening of financial envelopes for phase two of the Northern Al-Zour Plant project, Al-Marzouq explained the Privatization Follow-up Committee he personally chairs will hold a meeting to deliberate on the projects and fix time for it be next week. He stated the subscription agreement between the joint authority and alliance of investors in the project was signed last week, and that the first float of 50 percent will be distributed on citizens at the total value of KD460 million.

By Mohammad Ghanim Al-Seyassah Staff

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