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Saturday , October 1 2022

MEW to fix smart meters for expats

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New mechanism to pay bills

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 12: According to sources from the Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy, the ministry has set up a mechanism for expatriates to pay their bills in a manner that guarantees the rights of the state, prior to installing smart meters in the investment and commercial sectors, reports Aljarida daily. They explained that the ministry will achieve this by dividing the bills based on each person’s case, which will be studied after which the division mechanism will be determined for each person.

This mechanism aims primarily at preserving the funds of the ministry by paying the bills in full. The bill splitting system differs from the installment system that is implemented for citizens. There are some people who have bills that may be divided into two parts. For example, a bill of KD 20,000 will be paid in two payments only depending on the financial ability. This is determined according to the study on the person’s financial situation. The sources affirmed the keenness of the Ministry of Electricity and Water to ensure the success of its new systems for smart meters, due to which time is racing to install these meters, with a daily limit of 600 smart meters.

They stressed that necessary surveys were conducted in the governorates in which the meters will be installed in order to ensure the accuracy of the data for the owners of the properties where the installation will be carried out and its compatibility with the data in the ministry. In addition, the sources indicated that the ministry keeps track, on a weekly basis, of the number of smart meters that are being installed, as 35,000 meters were installed last week, and more than 38,000 smart meters are scheduled to be installed this week.

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