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‘MEW to implement soon electricity bill law’

KUWAIT CITY, May 5: Minister of Justice and Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Yaqoub Al- Sane’ affirmed that Ministry of Justice has submitted a bill to the National Assembly for establishing a State Council, indicating that he is expecting its approval during the current term, reports Aljarida daily.

He said the council will include Supreme Administrative Court and Administrative Judicial Court, and the latter will have two functions – receiving appeals against the verdicts of the first court and handling the cases of individuals and authorities in terms of administrative contracts, taxes and fees. Al-Sane’ explained that the Supreme Administrative Court is a court of law and will hear the appeals filed against the provisions of the administrative court.

The State Council will have a consultant who will specialize in Fatwa-related issues for all matters pertaining to the government and provide opinions on disputes among governmental agencies and refer the matter to the Cabinet.

The State Council will also review and draft the legislation submitted by the government as well as review the contracts of the government. It will have the right to refer the government owned companies to the advisory sector.

He said the State Council, both the judicial and advisory parts, will be considered as an independent judicial authority with all necessary guarantees and immunities that ensure judicial independence, indicating that Article 171 of the Kuwaiti Constitution stipulates the establishment of the State Council through a law that will define its functions and tasks. Al-Sane’ revealed that there is another project carried out by the State Ministry for Cabinet Affairs for the establishment of the State Litigation Authority for defending the state in judicial cases.

Meanwhile, sources revealed that the judiciary does not have any reservations concerning creating a State Council similar to that seen in France and Egypt, indicating that the time has come for the establishment of such a council which will include the administrative court and make the latter autonomous.

In the meantime, minister of Electricity and Water Engineer Ahmad Al-Jassar made a recent announcement that the ministry will soon implement the electricity bill law, after which the concerned governmental authorities have been working hard to execute the law, reports Al-Anba daily.

The minister denied the claim that the government has reservations about parts of the contents or is planning to return the file to the National Assembly for further amendments. He assured the ministry will soon implement it and a committee has been assigned to prepare the relevant regulations, adding that he hopes it will be completed soon.

He reiterated that the government will ensure quick implementation. Al-Jassar revealed that the ministry will hold meetings with the concerned authorities to schedule the billing rate in line with the law and prepare the necessary mechanisms, adding that the ministry will continue with its own meetings to ensure everything is carried out appropriately.

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